At TEC4 Productions we place our upmost confidence in providing you with the best quality and bilingual service for your function. Whether it be a wedding, Festival, Concert, Christmas/New Years party, corporate event, graduation, or whatever your needs are, we have the services for you. We will provide you with a first-class experience, as we believe that every event is a special event.

TEC4 Productions is a company that believes in providing quality and quantity you need. Our mission is to ensure that your event makes history, and creates memories for years to come. In order to achieve this; every advantage must be on your side. Coordination, atmosphere, entertainment and style, is what’s to be expected from us.

Our event coordinators will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on everything we offer. We understand that an event as special as yours requires much planning and dedication. Let us, at TEC4 Productions remove as much stress as possible. Feel free to contact us anytime. Together we can make it happen with ease!

Thank you for choosing TEC4 Productions as your Sound & Lighting Production or DJ service, We have you covered!


Simon Saumure

  • Sound & Light Show
    With years of knowledge and working on large productions we have lot’s of knowledge in the sound & lighting world, anything from doing weddings to concert’s! knowing how to tune our systems is key as well as the best brands in the market, for lighting, in the gallery it will speak for it self!
  • Knowledge
    With the years, we has grown knowledge working side by side with retired DJ’s as well as working on big Production events learning the curves of the trade more and more.
  • Keep people dancing
    This is not just some MP3 or USB stick playing music, any DJ we provide is highly trained and knowledgeable to play the right song at the right time with seamless song transitions to keep people dancing before they even think of leaving the dance floor.
  • Back up DJ's
    Ok so we get sick sometimes or we have a personal mater to attend to, but who will DJ my wedding/event? Have no worries! when you sign our contract is states that in no mater what situation, we will provide you with a DJ so your never stood up period!
  • Years Of Experience
    Now TEC4 Productions, we first started with DJSimon Productions, founded in 2007.
  • Music for all
    What music do you play? Do you have a play list?, these questions never end, but its simple, we hold music of every genera from the 50’s to today’s hits! and during the evening we start with the older stuff and work our way up to newer to get the old folks going before their 10-11pm curfew.